Eastern beaches

Katsouni  &  Ligres Beach.
Katsouni is a lovely and very secluded beach (not organized). You find it about 3-400 m east of Konaki.

A little further you find Ligres which is a also a very fine beach and larger. It has 2 good taverns at the west part but the beach is without umbrellas and sun chairs.

Triopetra is actually 2 beaches divided by the 3 rocks that have named it.

The western beach (Chatzi) is a very long, wide and open beach and unorganized except for the most eastern part, which has 2 taverns, umbrellas and sun chairs.

The eastern beach (Koumado) is smaller and organized. It has a number of taverns and also a small harbour.

Cape Melissa Sand Hills. Following the beach eastwards from Triopetra and passing the Akoumian River you may reach the sand hills at Cape Melissa. On the way there is a long, relatively narrow sand beach (unorganized).

Sometimes you have to reach the sand hills from the eastern side (from above Agios Pavlos). The beach is considered to be one of the best on the south coast. You will find some umbrellas here. From this very fine area you also have an exceptional view of the sunset.

Agios Pavlos. It is a small, extremely well protected bay which has taverns as well as umbrellas and sun chairs. Generally there is much less wind here than elsewhere along the coast.